artist bio

Carissa Carman (b. 1978) is interested in the intersection of architecture, sustainable materials, technical mastery, performative objects, public space and the potential for seasonal/responsive projects.  She recently Walked Backwards in 20 days in the Havana Biennial 2012 receiving international coverage and media attention throughout Cuba.

Originally from California, Carman earned her BA from the University of California Chico (2001) and her MFA in Fibres at Concordia University, Montreal (2012), where she also was a research assistant for Subtela, Hexagram. From 2003-2009 she was based in New York City, where she received residencies and grants from Women’s Studio Workshop, Andy Warhol Foundation, New York Foundation of the Arts, New York Council of the Arts, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.   She has presented installations at Exit Art, Figment, The Muster, The Islip Museum, Verge Art Fair and Women’s Studio Workshop, where she received a NEA-sponsored artist book grant.  In 2007-2008 she created public projects using “Buttercup,” her vegetable-grease powered car, including the State of Progress farm tour and A.T.T. Taxi Service at the Scope Art Fair NY. She has created projects for Socrates Sculpture Park, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and The Children’s Museum of Manhattan. She recently was the Director of the Chashama North Residency program in New York State, and Living Systems designer for the The Waterpod project founded by Mary Mattingly, which received international press attention. She has artworks in major collections at Yale, Rhode Island School of Design, Virginia Commonwealth and Rhode Island School of Design.



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